2011 Stitching progress

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jane Austen adn February Cat

I did not show you yet my progress on last week's challenge and SAT for the Let's Stitch group.

My weekly challenge project was At Home with Jane Austen from the Sampler Girl. I did not manage to work much on it, due to work and RR commitments, but I left the half way mark on that one, so I am satisfied.

And for the Friday nigh SAT, I chose to finish up the February Cat from the Calendar Cats RR. Here is a pic of him, and some details.

Monday, October 6, 2008

An RR and a challenge

Last week there was a challenge on the Let's Stitch blog, to dig out our oldest wip, and work on it. Though it is not certainly the oldest wip I have, it is one of them, and I still love it, so I jumped at the idea of pulling it out and putting some stitches in it. Not very much though, as I was also working on some exchanges and RRs. Anyway, I sticked to it for Friday's Stitch-A-Thon as well, and this is what I accomplished:

And last week I also managed to finish up another one of the Herbs and Spices RR: Lemon Verbena for Cinella. Here it is:

Now off to do some stitching, this week's challenge is to work on a sampler design, so I am putting some stitches into At home with Jane Austen by the Sampler Girl (besides those RRs and exchanges, of course).

The standing before the challenge:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September wrap-up and October goals

Ok, so it is October now.
Let's see how I did in September:

1. Finish at least two of MS Calendar Cats - DONE (June and February)
2. Stitch a Flower Fairy for the freestyle RR - Not yet
3. Finish Adel's Astrocat RR - Not yet
4. Stitch one of the Herbs and Spices from JJ - YES (Lemon Verbena)
5. Stitch and send HoE PS exchange - Stitched, but not yet sent
6. Stitch and send return exchange to Suzanne on Crazy Exchange group - Stitched, but not yet sent
7. Stitch a design for the charity organization - YES

Well, not a full success!

And the October goals:
1. Stitch April Cat by Margaret Sherry for RR
2. Stitch a flower fairy for Freestyle RR
3. Stitch Adél's Astrocat RR
4. Stitch one or two of the Herbs and Spices RR
5. Mail out PS and Crazy exchanges
6. Stitch and send Fair and Square Autumn round
7. Stitch and send Angel Swap
8. Stitch on Lanarte Tuscany Sampler for Let's Stitch challanges and SATs

That's it, we shall see if I can do better this month.