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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Csomagom jött! / You've got mail

Ma csomagot kaptam Amerikából. A csere-berés ollóőröm érkezett, Chicagóból! Láttatok már ilyen tökéleteset?
Well, I have just received the most beautiful fob from Margie!!!!
Look at this:

Nem gyönyörű? Teli spéci öltésekkel, meg gyöngyökkel... Nem is álmodtam ennyire kis szépről!
Isn't it just perfect? Full of specialty stitches, and beads... I have never dreamed of such a cutie!

Ezenkívül a csomagban volt még egy darus olló, Silkweaver zöld 32es anyag, egy motring Vikki Clayton selyem fonal, meg három multi DMC (egyik sem volt még nekem)! Tisztára el vagyok kényeztetve!
And, along with the fob, I have received a scissor (also perfect!), hand-dyed fabric from Silkweaver in a beutiful teal (impossible to get hold of here in Hungary), a skein of Vikki Clayton silk (also: no silk thread here in Hungary) and three skeins of multicolor DMC (I did not have any of them) - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel spoiled!

Ez jó kis csere-bere volt, egy-két estés kis mintával... Majd az enyémet is mutatom, ha célhoz ért.
I enjoyed this exchange very much. I will show you what I have sent, after it reached its destination...


Carol said...

What a stunning exchange from Margie!!! Your biscornu stitcher has reported that your wish list link does not work... is that fixable so that she can see what is on your wish list??

tkdchick said...

What a beautiful bit of stitching!

Janaina said...

Come see me - I've tagged you!

Ralina said...

Nagyon tetszik az ajándékod! ;)

Câmera Digital said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rita - I'm following up my email to you about the ISE6 and was worried as I hadn't heard from you. Can you please email me at:


and put my name in the subject line so the other hostesses know it's for me.

I hope everything is ok.

Many thanks.


tkdchick said...

What a stunning fob!!!

Heidi said...

very beautiful fob!