2011 Stitching progress

Monday, May 21, 2007

Some update

With the busy season here I had very limited spare time, which I tried to spend stitching rather than blogging, but I did stick to my rotation. However, my progress piccies are related to RRs I am participating is.
First, a Flower Fairy is born:
This one is for a dear lady (or rather her daughter now) who passed away far too early last summer, leaving a 2 year old baby behind. Finishing her RRs is quite heavy, but we decided we would do it, and sticked with it.
The fabric is a very high count, about 35-40, and is stitched 1 ply over 2.

And, I have started my part of the new RR, in which my theme will be autumn.
I am through halfway already:
This one is stitched on Zweigart Fein Floba, with DMC and Gentle Art threads.

And finally, my beautiful hand-dyed fabrics have arrived from Carol:
I am really happy with them, I can sit and watch them all day long, thinking about what should go on them!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A bit late for April

but it's almost done! I chose to work on this wip as part of my rotation yesterday. Some more rain and I am over with it! (and it is good, because then I will be able to finish it up a small puffy hanger with my new sewing machine - I sure need some practice using it!).
This was not the only project I was working on last night, but the other thing cannot be published - it is part of a "new baby project" for a stitching friend - and one can never know who is reading!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First SAL night

Yesterday was the first in my rotation when I was able to work on our Maison de Campagne freebie. And, in the last minute, work came in: I had to finish a report urgently, so I only had about 1,5 hours for stitching.
So, I only got this far... I have two more Tuesdays to go this month, to finish it up.

Monday, May 7, 2007

A new blog

Well, I felt I should start blogging in English as well... I have been writing a blog in Hungarian for a while, but I am starting to meet people from all over the world, and I would like to have a blog that I can recommend to them as well.
This one will be about stitching.
Yesterday I started to operate kind of a rotation. As I am participating in quite a few RRs, I must dedicate at least three nights for them, on Tuesdays I am working on the SAL project we have just started with some Hungarian stitchers, and on the other nights I am trying to work on my WIPs.
Yesterday was a combined day, so I worked on a WIP and an RR as well:
This one is part of a Round Robin, the theme is fairies, and this is Buttercup fairy from DMC.

This is a WIP, Bent Creek's April glooms. This is stitched on Zweigart Fein Floba, using DMC floss.